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2011-08-20 17:50:27 by GenArmegeddon

Would you rather please yourself with a food processor orrrrr..... a cheese grater?


Truth and Fear

2010-10-21 20:11:28 by GenArmegeddon

Fear is a funny thing. Fear can lead you to do something you would not normally do, even without thinking about it. In turn, whoever is creating that fear has control over you.

The truth is also a funny thing. If someone witholds truth, they create a lie and with that lie they create doubt and suspicion, and that will ultimately lead to fear, and control over those who believe it. So whom do we trust? Everyone lies. The "truth" always comes to us from different sources, but then your told one thing is a lie and another is not.

SO WHO do we beleive? Who do we trust?

That's just it.

You can't really trust anyone.

When it all comes down it, whoever lies the best controls the fear, and with that terrible fear, they create thier own terrible power.

Let's just hope we can find our way be it's too late.


2009-05-05 20:40:23 by GenArmegeddon

Is very clean.


2009-03-01 21:30:01 by GenArmegeddon

Hey guys, I have been thinking lately and I really want to try voice acting.

If you need a role in somethign minor that needs filling. I will gladly fill it.

I dont have much experience, but i have done many plays and will act to most roles.... but i want to one and if you dont like my voice for that role, I will be rejected without any anger. I might ask you to critizize me a bit though.

Please comment this post and i will send you a PM in reply.

Thank you for offering me an opportunity.



2009-02-19 21:30:05 by GenArmegeddon

I need a cool sig... my KHII is a bit old, and I wish for one with me username. Anybody know a program to make my own?

Cuase.... yeah.

Well, hey!

2009-01-24 09:40:05 by GenArmegeddon

My PS3 broke...DAMN!.The blue ray player got busted... but it's cool. They offered me a new one by i just asked them to fix it becuase I have the rare out-of-production 60GB with emotion engine.

It's been 2 weeks since i havent been able to play the new games i have recieved... and im getting withdrawls... -_-


Resistance 2

2008-11-27 12:37:40 by GenArmegeddon

Is amazing, anyone want to play a round or two? Give me your PSN ID.


2008-11-01 23:46:23 by GenArmegeddon

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Damnit :(

2008-09-06 17:53:09 by GenArmegeddon

My computer crashed and the Flash i was working on was erased... so im ganna have to start something new. Oh well...

New Flash

2008-07-10 12:16:19 by GenArmegeddon

I'm making another flash... about a book I read in 9th grade last year. Called Siddartha.
Maybe you read it... but to me it was the most boring book on the face of the earth.. enjoy my spoof on it.
When it's done.. in the meantime check out my Misguided Sniper flash.